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Originally Posted by _ThEcRoW
but amikit loads the first part and when i click on continue(at the dopus requester) it doesn't pass this screen.

I think this is nothing related to new WinUAE. At least Amikit works here even with latest WinUAE 1.2.0.

Please try to be more specific, I do not know exactly what does it mean: "it doesn't pass this screen".

To eliminate anything related to WinUAE, simply uninstall latest WinUAE 1.2.0 and copy the content of WinUAE 1.1.0 ZIP archive into AmiKit\WinUAE drawer, but like I said I think WinUAE is not responsible for the behaviour you describe. Besides WinUAE, do you remember what you changed before AmiKit stoped working? I need more info to be able to help you, please make a screenshot if possible.

btw. I do not visit this forum so often. Next time, please use the AmiKit forum to get the faster response.
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