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Can someone WITHOUT MAKING ANY COMMENTS ON THEM please give me a list of the various "all in one packs" as I need to install a WinUAE Hard Disk system. ISTR there were some very good plane Jane AmigaOS 3 setups and various levels of complexity inc RTG and so on... but since I cannot remember the names of them (one was written by James someone) I cannot search for them...

Thanks in advance.. links would be evel cooler for a lazy bugger like me!

OK found one.. AmigaInABox by JMBattle (thats the James) plus we have AmiKit and AmigaSys.. are there more??????


I'm sure there is one like this that just installs WB3.1 or 3.5 or 3.9 without all the "extras"... has my mind gone???

EDIT3: I am sane (well, almost)


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