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Originally Posted by mr_a500
Hey, that means that I found the amulet too! I didn't think that thing was an amulet. I thought it was some kind of underwater gear.

The reason I never got the happy ending was that I always used the cheat to get past that impossible "flooding castle" part. I tried it many times without cheating, but I always ended up drowning.

Edit: I just played it again and it looks like I was wrong. You can cheat and still see the happy ending. The reason I never saw it was because the few times I got the amulet (...that looks like underwater gear ) I didn't wait long enough during the ending before turning off the computer. Both endings are exactly the same until just after the "petrified girlfriend" scene. If you've got the amulet, the happy ending part starts a few seconds after this scene.
HAHAHA... after all this time, its no only now you find this out!. isnt life cruel!. lol... Dont forget you guys, to also try out the Interlacing on every level as well!..

Where would you guys be without me hey!?..
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