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Originally Posted by dir_marillion
Sacrileged Thread !!!

Opinions are different for every man and they are acceptable, but this thread reminds me when I was 18 years old and someone told me that Metalica's Drummer (Lars Ulrich) is not a good drummer and he does mistakes.

I am not a super fun of Metalica, but I remember that I had smiled.

Now, after all these years, I read this thread and
No, no, and no again!

This is not about opinions. This is just NO SENSE simillar in comparing Amiga and Atari ST. Everyone knew which one is better, but ST owners were always complaining...

Will, I just completed the game (again) without cheating, but using save states for level starts. I got the same ending as Ironclaw, and after I've read team messages in outro, there are hints that amulet is in secret part of lava level and that it is required to free Ilene. Newer new this before. Will have to try that too.

In the peek of the game (just before the ark level) I had 24 lives, and at the end after the final boss I had only 1 left.

EDIT:Well, thanks to save states, I found secret cave/level with amulet. You have to move this stone (Image 1) and the continue moving it with sword-down attack. When completed secret level, you'll have amulet logo on the right top side, nest to the life indicator. (Image 2)

Well, couple more levels and new ending... Happy ending! I posted only first image from new ending (Image 3), as I don't like to spoil it for you guys.

Let me know if you like to see more images from happy ending, or perhaps someone can explain me how to create movie and upload it to that other site.
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