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Originally Posted by Mad-Matt
why not get rid of classicwb and use 3.5/3.9 and one of the few workbench mod packs ? youll have full coloricon support and a nicer system to boot. Classicwb really does look abit naff compared to any upgraded amiga still in use today.
Yes it does! You've got me there!

A bit of a copy paste job from the other thread, but it's silly to write out again:

To be honest, the ClassicWB isn't made to look "good". It's a base install for real and low end Amiga's (2MB RAM and above) with 3.0 or 3.1 ROMS. It's meant to look like an Amiga workbench from the A1200 era for retro/nostalgia reasons. Also "look" is very subjective so I let the end user customize to their taste rather than force patches and hacks upon them that often cause incompatibility issues. I simply provide the fundamental building blocks of a very user friendly accessable system.

It's certainly not or ever will be an eye candy Winuae beast; that would kind of defeat it's objectives. The P96 version was done only because it could be done and again only as a base install, not a complete eye candy package like AIAB, AmigaSYS or AmiKitt.
Method G, as mentioned in your other thread, I'd go along with everyone's suggestions if you're not interested in the classic theme or have no need for these workbenches on real Amiga's.

The new AIAB (updated recently), AmigaSYS or AmiKitt make more use of WinUAE power AND USE OS3.5+ for that icon support you need so badly!
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