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from Scalos webpage history :

--- glowiconobject.datatype (V40.3) ---
Bugfix: CoerceMethod() in OM_NEW could lead to enforcer hits if object could not be created
Improvement: Reworked icon saving code, now it is possible to correctly save a modified icon image
Bugfix: Added size checking for icon BitMaps, to fix a major memory trashing bug triggered by thumbnailed icons
Improvement: icons can now be scaled
Bugfix: saving of interior window offsets (dd_CurrentX/dd_CurrentY) didn't work
Bugfix: Datatype now calls "UpdateWorkbench" function after saving glowicon data.
Bugfix: Relaxed strict image size checking - some icons could not be read.
Initial version. This datatype adds support for OS3.5+ GlowIcons even when running under OS3.1.
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