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Is there any way to minimise MIAMI mem reqs?

Well, i'm just asking this because i had an a1200 desktop board i bought recently, and equipped it with a new 1200 keyboard and case, so its amazingly white!!!, well, back on topic, i only have 2 meg chip(it's a bare a1200) and a 800 mb HD. I'm just keeping this a1200 desktop for the appearance of the ack board for getting upgraded, while that happen, i'm only stuck with the 2mb chip it has.
I have installed wb 3.1, mui and magicWB(i like that icons on 3.1), so i left out 1.380.000 approximately of chip ram left, so when i go to load MIAMI it says that there is no memory available. Is possible any way to load up the tcp/ip stack without the huge ram consuming? I ask this because i want to network it with my pc for transferring of files and games(for now, browsing internet isn't an option), so i think that it could be possible to load up the stack without the hassle of the memory eating.
Also if anyone know of another tcp/ip stack that supports serial connection and is less ram consuming, tell me because now, i´m only with the 2 chip ram. I haven´t bought a 030 or 040 board, because i'm waiting for the ack board to come, and because i have a towered 1200 already souped up and expanded, but want to mess with this desktop beauty. I'm just nuts about the keyboard shape of the Amigas.
So if anyone knows of a manner of starting miami without the memory eating trouble, or any other stack that support serial connection, i will be interested.
Thanks in advance!!!!!!
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