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Lionheart is the best platformer on Amiga.

I see no point in comparing this gem with Beast, as Beast games were not playable, had no such a nice graphics and sounds. In shot, Beast games were borring and to hard to play.

Lionheart had all what an good game need. Proper intro, great gameplay with different levels and different objectives, and nice outro.

It was easy to learn moves, explore game for extra stuff (there is a lot of lives to be collected) and to do some other stuff you have to to complete the game. Only downside of this game was that there was no save/password to skip levels that you've completed.

I remember reading of the problems programers had to go trough to feet the game and sounds in 1MB.

I always wondered why this game never got converted to other platforms, but it seems some users here had some good explanations.

Another platform game that was also excelent, but it came at the end of Amiga's life is Mr. Nutz.

Hmm, I should complete this game again... It should be easy with Save State option.
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