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Hey, I never knew Lion Heart had two endings. I would always get the Talisman at the secret cave & the cracked 4-disk CD-32 rip version of the game which I have, would not show the ending after you beat the Boss.
So, I used to use the 3-disk beta version that allowed you to see the "good" ending from the start.
But I did play through out the game without cheating, discovered all the different routes & secrets and even defeated the Sorcerer’s different forms (I think it were 3)

So in the “Bad” ending you get to see Valdyn sitting next to Ilene’s petrified body, without the Talisman in his hand?! Interesting…

I should convert the 4-disk [!] verified adf images to real AMIGA disks and try it out on my real A1200.

By the way, in the level right before the air-ship, there was a platform swinging from a chain & you had to make it swing more in order to reach higher ground (on top of the air-ship). These hanging/swinging platforms you would encounter them again at the Sorcerer's Citadel as you ascended upwards while being chased by the rising acid from below. I can't remember how I made them swing so I got stuck wiggling the pad left-right trying to make it swing more, but no luck!
It's been 12 years since I did this, so please could someone remind me.

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