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It's interesting reading people's opinions regarding what they think is a good or bad Amiga game.I think that alot of how an opinion is formed is because of pure nostalgia to be honest from some gamers.
I for example adore the Turrican 2 universe and love to play through every so often just to be surrounded by the warmth of atmosphere this game clearly has.The music plays a big part in this but also the games graphics are nicely done and the game plays solidly enough to be good fun.It's the collection of these couple of things that come together well that make the experience of playing Turrican 2 a pleasure and not because the game is actually an amazing game.Ask some people however and they will happily tell you that Turrican 2 is without doubt the greatest platforming shooter there is and not just on the Amiga(consoles own this territory i'm afraid).
I have a preference towards the Amiga but i can tell you that if you want to play the best 2d platformer then you need to get yourself a snes , if you want the best 2d shooter then you again need to look at getting a snes or a megadrive(I do love Apidya however as it is class).For choice though i would choose the Amiga every time as so many games for it you just cannot play on any other machine and it does have some true gems.
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