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I own two Amiga 1200 and one Amiga 1200 motherboard.
All of them running with accelerator boards. I'm intended to get one Amiga running in a tower ยด, equiped with a PCI-Mediator a PPC and a 3dfx grafics card + ethernet. As far as I'm not very experienced with that AmigaOS stuff I would like to see OS4.0, MorphOS, M68K-Linux and that nice OpenGL things running again.
I have 8 port KVM(+Audio) switch connecting my AMIGAs (in parallel) to a Linux-PC. Unfortunately I still search for a good solution to attache the Amigas to the KVM-Keyboard (via selfmade PIC based converter). I found a nice Mouse-protocol-converter, which I want to implement within the next days (I hope my wife gives me the necessary peace).
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