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Originally Posted by Minuous
Nobody can be arsed!? I have scanned over 6000 pages, they are not just cover scans, they are full issues, even including ads, etc.
I scanned one issue of Your Commodore to help out Mort ( and that took me the best part of a week, doing about an hour or two each night after work. So I certainly appreciate the work you've put into scanning the magazines, as it is an incredibly time consuming process (and my apologies to Galaxy for being lax in that area).

Originally Posted by Minuous
Do you have ACARs from the 1980s and/or the ACAR Commodore Annual 1990? or issues of Megacomp etc?
I certainly do. The only issues I'm missing are:

1-1 - January '84 (don't think this was published)
1-2 - February '84 (don't think this was published)
1-9 - September '84
1-10 - October '84
1-11 - November '84
1-12 - December '84
2-4 - April '85
2-5 - May '85
2-7 - July '85
2-10 - October '85
2-11 - November '85
2-12 - December '85
4-12 - December '87

1989 C64 yearbook
1993 Amiga yearbook

I think I have some issues of Mega Comp (though I might be getting myself confused with Megazone). I've also got most issues of Professional Amiga User, Amiga Oz, Amiga Down Under, Megazone, Commodore Magazine and others. I'm in the (very slow) process of cataloguing them all, as well as my issues of Amiga Mania, Amiga Interactive, CU Amiga, Amiga Formats, The One, CD32 Gamer, Zero, etc. etc.

Tonight with any luck I'll be selling off my almost complete collections of Mean Machines, Hyper, EGM (UK version) and other console mags, so I can have more space for my Amiga, CD32 and C64 magazines.

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