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Originally Posted by Kodoichi
Why is it that the magazines scan idea doesn't seem to take off very well? I read various threads on message boards, so there is a demand for it, but nobody can be arsed to scan even one page. Check the Amiga Power site. Most scans are only from the cover.

Maybe it's because there's too much work involved to scan a full mag and release it, compared to games that consist of one single file?
Nobody can be arsed!? I have scanned over 6000 pages, they are not just cover scans, they are full issues, even including ads, etc.

Originally Posted by gizmomelb
Any aussies on here want to trade magazines? I've got heaps of ACARs, CU Amigas, Amiga Formats, Compute/Compute's Gazettes, Amiga Manias, Amiga Power etc.etc.
Do you have ACARs from the 1980s and/or the ACAR Commodore Annual 1990? or issues of Megacomp etc?
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