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Originally Posted by -=SPY=-
Hi mates .. I used to be really into the amiga scene back in early 90's when carding and using whitebox(phreak software) to modem trade worldwide :-) I was a member of Liberty who was a cracking/phreaking group based in australia who wrote the software called Whitebox which was very well know for its free call making on the old ccitt5 systems which have been upgraded to digital :-( which caused the death of phreaking in OZ,There was only blue box which stopped working also and then only option was AT&T cards which was very unsafe.Liberty got busted for there software and credit carding etc .... i then joined a german based group called SUBZERO who were a demo making crew but the scene was still dying as not many people could trade wares so i left the scene after getting in bit of troulbe myself... aussie BBS systems i was regulary uploading to are ... Borderline,Blue Obssession,The Nut factory, Predators,Blue Marlin,Devastation phase 1,Hamburger heaven and few others.... overseas bbs i used to be on .... 7th Heaven, Hangar 18, and few others ....
I gave away computers for few years getting back into it all again... would like to hear from any fellow old skool amiga users who where on any of the bbs sytems i mentioned or you remember me from the old days :-)
Greets to all the old skool groups Paradox,Quartex,Subzero,Decay,Crystal,Fairlight,Bamiga sector 1,Rebels

would like to hear from any people from the old days...

I'm an Aussie too, I'm in Melbourne / victoria and i used to run a public domain bbs called Backwards BBs, i had over 1000 users on the bbs, ithe bbs program i was using is called pcboard which ran on my old 486 pc.

I still have my amiga 500 with 5 meg memory blizzard turbo board and 20 meg hd..(Could have been bigger) and a kickstart rom sharer..
I also have an ami600 as well plus not to mention my other pc's,
Plus i have over 700 amiga disk's

The Darkside....
Comp 1
Amd 1.3 gig duron
120 gig hd
Comp 2
DFI Nf4 ultra infinity mobo
Amd athlon64-3200+ (Venice)
1 Gig ddr400 memory.
Asus extreme n6200tc gfx card
dvd writer
smc cable/dsl 4 port 10/100mbps broadband router
Two 120 gig hd's

regards from Len..
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