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Originally Posted by gizmomelb
Why stick with floppy drives (apart from copying the last few remaining originals for CAPS/TOSEC maye)? They're finally on their way out on the IBM, just use a SD/MMC card of some sort running as a floppy emulator (and there's a project for that as well on so that the 'Amiga' sees the memory card as a normal floppy.
Well I just signed up and posted on

Yes you can useSD/MMC, I think using them as a Harddrive too.

There is no arguments that the project has *ALOT* of potential.
And your post about LCD's not going down to the low frequency that the unit scandoubles to...

My LCD according to the Manufacturer, syncs between 31-63 horizontal, and 56-75 vertical, reckon they its gonna work on my LCD ?
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