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Yeah it is a nice project. Aorg is home to another nice project. Not heard much about it the last two months but someone obtained a batch of EC020's and is making a nice and lean accelerator for the A500/600. No coldfire dream-on project but something realistic. Search the forum it is a nice idea.

I'm sure the minimig will be released under GPL someday and then all you need is someone willing to put it on a PCI card. I guess when using some GLUE all the chipset functionalities will become available for the processor on the other end of the bus. I'm just guessing what the use would be....Is there a need to help a modern CPU emulate an amiga?
I see more fun projects in the form of replacement motherboards like the phoenix used to be. Once AGA gets into fpga's one might even add some things we have always missed in our beloved amiga. Chunky graphics, an mp3 decoding custom chip....could be a nice and expensive board ;-) ----slap--- lets not get carried away now.
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