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All elements , graphics, source code , and computer ( Amstrad PC 286 and
NEC PC 9801 ) has send to Ubi-soft , during november 1991.
I'think is better to recreate the game

That's the wrong way to go, as the Amiga has its own beautiful gfx chip arsenal, and especially on the good old 1084/1084S graphics are WORLDS APART from any modern PC version. You will never get this warm color feel of a real C= monitor.
With the emulator, you won't either; but you could transfer this image to a real Amiga disk and play on the real thing.
On the PC, you cannot do this.

@Mr Fernandes:
Do you still have this Amiga source code handy in your home or have you given everything to Ubi Soft without keeping a copy for yourself?
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