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CFOU, lightquest has been licenced before, and it's still the case....

OK, i guess i have to mail Laurent Cluzel about this. He has agreed and granted me the right
to get all the graphics, level design created by himself, plus the level editor.

We all agree here that we are talking about amiga version, not any ports on whatever else machine. The only concern we have on this forum is the amiga version.

Concretely, the rest doesn't concern the amiga communauty.

And to be right, NO games unreleased since now have been rewrote in anyway. the industry has always let rotten the forgotten games.

This stops when an author agree to put on the light the game.

PS : I know one of the Bitmap brothers, known as RJ the allmighty sound god. But all of their
games were sold and available on amiga. LightQuest has never been marketed on any machines.

And we had to leech the pictures in generation 4 magazine, to at last never get it....

I'll post here Laurent Cluzel answer to this...

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