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All elements , graphics, source code , and computer ( Amstrad PC 286 and
NEC PC 9801 ) has send to Ubi-soft , during november 1991.
I'think is better to recreate the game, is more easy.( Or the new game
with the same "spirit" )

Last year I work on the "plateform" game, bigger than "Light Quest", and
I take just 10 weeks to programming the game.

It's more easy now too create the game, he have more tools, more informations...

I'think , is more insteresting to save the "released games" ... ( he have so many unreleased game....)

The game compagny keep the right of the old games, Nintendo keep the right of the old nes game, because he have new market for the old licenses ( Mobile, Interative TV, Games server )

Do you imagine the success, if the old "bitmap brothers" games is released on the N-Gage or others phones ?

Do you know the price of the license of the old the game ? ( Elite, Shadows of the Beast )
( 100 000 € for the classic old game / 1 000 000 € to the best game )

No any one game compagny , is not interesting by the conversion of the old games in the new devices ( Phone , TV , Game Server )...Be carreful with the "old" games.

Alain Fernandes
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