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I'just to say about "Light Quest"

1) First point, "Light Quest" is copyrighted by Ubi-Soft, is not "freeware", it's very bad
think to propose any element to free download.
2) Where to find the files ???? ( I'dont send any files )

3) I dont finish to programming "Light Quest", because, I'm not very good programmer,
( The source code is not bad, is terrific bad )...
4) I'm still programmer, I'm still bad programmer, but is my passion, and I'm make good

I dont live in the past, I live in the futur, and I'm proud of my work,
and 26 year's after the finish my first game, I'still programmer , bad maybe ,
but still happy

Excuse for my bad english , I'learn with "Friends" ....and "Lost" now,

Alain Fernandes
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