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If you record with the XviD MPEG-4 Codec and have it set to quantizer at quality 1 (maximum quality), you'll get great quality. This is the codec I use when recording all my movies. the size of the video file varies from game to game depending on how much movement there are on the screen and how many colors in use. When using quantizer, the bit rate is automaticly set to the best one allowing the best quality. If you record a game that is fast paced with alot of action and things moving around, it will record in over 2000kbps...... so, use this codec and have it set to quantizer quality 1 and you will record with perfect quality... if you record in the native resolution 320x240 or 320x256, the game will run smooth, or sometimes even too fast provided you record having the Disable framerate limit while recording checked (on). I must have this boxed checked when recording or I will get audio sync delay problems... the drawback recording with this option on is that you will not hear any sound and WinUAE will emulate the game as fast as it can. So mostly for me when recording with this option and in 320x240/256 the game runs way too fast, like 200-300% of original speed. I therefore sometimes record in 640x480/512 for more pleasant speed..... and also better viewing quality. If I'm recording an adventure game with still backgrounds like darkseed where not much moves around, I go for double resolution, that way I can have much higher quality in the final product when converting to the H264 codec.

Just record one stage at a time.... and recompress the avi... then record the next stage and recompress that avi.... then when all stages has been recorded, send the avi's to recordedamigagames.... I have no problem with space . Got 2x 250gig harddrives and lots of free space.
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