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Just the most recent spendings since I build a fresh setup a year or two ago.
Allthough recent these are approximately because I cannot (will not) exactly remember all.

A1200 - 60 Euro
Apollo 1260 32MB - 120 Euro <ouch that hurt, good card though>
Scandoubler/FF - a kidney <ouch, another kidney gone for that (for real; 80 euro)
4G 2.5" Harddisk - Free <yes this is quite possible, I even have a spare>
Squirrel SCSI - 40 Euro < happens>
SCSI CDRW in external housing - 10 Euro <cheap....very cheap>
CF - PCMCIA adapter 10 Euro <worth the mention?>
256M CF 45 Euro (boy have those prices dropped) <best transfer method ever! Just reqs a bootdisk>
Dynalink L10c NIC - 30 Euro <dirt cheap for what it does!>
Old A500 PSU - Free <to prevent sudden reboots>
SVGA monitor - Free <it pays to replace a fuse>
Dustcover <more a UV blocker> - 5 euro
Spare white US keyboard - 7,50 euro
Legal software - 20 Euro (just whdload the rest is pirated <evil grin>)


Come to think of it, I never added this all up. Lets do so......

And that's a 427.50 euro A1200 ;-) least it is still white!
Lets not do this with all the bills I have of my old beetle.....not to mention petrol ;-)

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