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As you can see Woody, i'ts already done since 2 days: I've deleted all the files and my account and you can change your password administrator if you really think i'm a pirate.......

As you can see in my first posts, my intention was good and i've worked hard on this comp.......

Now you just kill me because i do what others have done without problems......

So i will just retire (good news for WHDLOAD team ) from this forum because i think there is no way to have a really discussion about the problem of the CD32 comps......

Perhaps i will be know as a pirate in this forum, but i've already said that at first, my intention was good and was just to do another good compilation that some people can enjoy

I just want to thanks people who have helped me to do this, Woody too ,
I wish Withesnake will have more chance and find a solution for his comp, that's all.........

Rochabian is R.I.P

PS: You can laugh at me but the problem will be still here.............
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