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Originally Posted by bippym
I've had a chat on irc with Whitesnake and it seems that they guys are not distribuing the cd with more than a dummy whdload keyfile that does nothing.
Well that is certainly NOT the case with the CD32 compilations that were on the net 1-2 days ago. The WHDLoad team downloaded it and it was most certainly NOT a dummy WHDLoad keyfile.

Rochabian hasn't even registered himself for goodness sake, how he can say anything about encouraging registrations is a complete joke.

Originally Posted by whitesnake
Don't get me wrong we appreciate the work the slave authors do but please don't forget that the whole WHDLoad project isn't a legal eagle either anyway you slice it, and the original authors of these games don't ask for a small commission charge.
If the WHDLoad project is not legal then why on earth would you guys want to create these "non legal eagle" compilations and spread them on the net? If somebody wants to make up a compilation for their own use then they can compile the compilations themselves.

This "injecting your key into an ISO image" is also a ridiculous idea, as the final CD with key will end up being spread, then those keys will also be blacklisted.

Instead of pirating keys, you should realise the only method that can work in the long run is to NOT make any compilations until Wepl has created a general CD32 key. And until people like Rochabian prove they have honest intentions by registering, Wepl has no incentive to do anything.
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