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I myself won't stand by and allow the persecution of CD32/CDTV based on a false argument and a general dislike for the people who use a CD32/CDTV, it just isn't in the spirit of Amiga; fighting one another and begrudging other peoples happiness.
Although myself i have taken measures to ensure no piracy of WHDLoad keys by a method of injecting your own registered key into an iso otherwise it remains unregistered.
But certain small minded people with a chip on their shoulder just didn't want to hear it.
The fact also remains there is more WHDLoad key piracy amongst desktop Amigas simply because there is more of them than CD32's.
All these people who have made CD32 compilations are just supplying a free service and allowing people to play classic Amiga games on their CD32.
Like WHDLoad allows people to play classic Amiga games on models they wouldn't run on.
The difference is WHDLoad recieves money, the people who do CD32 compilations recieve nothing and ask for nothing in return.
Don't get me wrong we appreciate the work the slave authors do but please don't forget that the whole WHDLoad project isn't a legal eagle either anyway you slice it, and the original authors of these games don't ask for a small commission charge.
My personal opinion is if WHDLoad was free then people who want to write slaves can do it in their free time, if you wanted money for it then don't write slaves.
But for the record i myself have registered.
If we just act like adults and stop belittling one another i'm sure we can talk this through.
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