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That was a very imformative reply!

I connected it to another simpler TV SONY 21" 50/60HZ Mono-Sound and it worked perfectly without switching from 4:3 to 16:9 randomly, so it's obviously the TV.

I don't have a DVD player in between to turn on and increase the voltage, but I can get a Scart switcher box to increase the voltage.

I'll also check the exact voltage output of pin 7 on the Mega Drive Scart cable and try to figure a way to increase the voltage by connecting it to a 10-12V line on the Mega Drive PCB.

I'm wondering if I go ahead and install the 50/60HZ & country mod switches on my Mega Drive Model 1, will it fix this problem as well as the JPN Altered Beast cart not loading on my consoles.

I’ll do it my self this weekend.
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