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Well, I'm only trying to emulate this real life situation on my PC to figure out if this is actually caused by a defective cart, or an incompatibility of the NTSC -J Altered Beast game on the EURO PAL SEGA Mega Drive.

But since these NTSC-J ROMs work perfectly on the Emulators set to PAL, I presume my cart is probably fried! (Considering that these ROMs are the same dumps as my cart)

This weekend I’ll do the 50/60HZ & Country mod on my Mega Drive Model 1 my self, so that will definitely clear the situation. Of course it would help if I had a MEGA CD to dump the cartridge and try it on the Emu. That would be even better.

Of course when I play my ROMs I always play the USA/JPN version and the Emu set to 60HZ NTSC for the smoothest possible gaming experience.
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