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Because I can’t be certain that the roms at planetemu are in fact the same dumps as my real cart.

Yes I have all ready tried to clean the contacts (They were pretty clean all ready)

Well, I went ahead and tried the 3 known Altered Beast good Rom dumps:

Altered Beast (UE) (REV02) [!].zip
Juu-Ou-Ki (J) (REV00) [c][!].zip
Juu-Ou-Ki (J) (REV01) [!].zip

In Gens & Kega emulators set to PAL region under WinXP.
All three worked perfectly in 50HZ & did not freeze like my cart after the logo, so it might be a defective cart after all.
But I can’t be certain that my cart is in fact any of the 3 Rom dumps that I tried.
Only way to be sure is if I could dump the Rom to my computer (using the Sega CD Transfer Suite tool from here: and try it on the emu.
But I would need a SEGA CD to connect to my pc via parallel cable and I don’t have SEGA MEGA CD at the moment.

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