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Also, I have another problem with Super Street Fighter II (Japan MD). If I stick it into my EURO PAL consoles, a red screen comes up saying: “Warning! Developed for use only with NTSC Mega Drive Systems”
But when I use my Universal adaptor cart (On both MD I & II), the game does start ok, but the graphics in the levels will be really messed up. This happens in random too. One level will be ok and then the next will be messed up. I really don’t know if this is case of defective Super SFII (JPN) cart, or if my universal adaptor cart is simply just not up to the task for this game, leaving messed up graphics in the process.

Some peolpe suggested a 50/60HZ & country switch to solve these two problems.
I would prefer to dump the roms & try them on an emu...
Can anybody lend me a SEGA CD?
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