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A4000 #1

Mirage 4000 pro tower case= 480 US dollars
Cyberstorm PPC = 350 US dollars
Voodoo 5500 = 55 US dollars
Soundblaster 128 = 15 US dollars
100mbit network card= 15 US dollars
18gig 10k rpm SCSI hd = 30 US dollars
SCSI CD-RW= 20 US dollars
IDE CD-ROM= 15 US dollars
The A4000D which I used for this machine = 80 US dollars

A4000 #2

Cyberstorm MKII '060 = 250 US dollars
X-Surf 2 network card = 90 US dollars
Prelude ZII soundcard = 40 US dollars
4.3 gig SCSI HD = 20 US dollars
24X SCSI cd-rom = 25 US dollars
The A4000 cost me 100 US dollars when I bought and inside it was a Cybervision 64 gfx card I'm using in it now and a Micronik scandoubler which I'm also using
Forgot to add that I bought a pair of Creative I-Trigue stereo speakers for it also for around 60 US dollars

These are the Amiga's I've spent most dough on recently.

Have only bought small bits for the others like a Blizzard 1230 MKIV for my A1200 and a GVP A530 for my A500+
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