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Yeah, I played DD2 for PC , not the PSX version, and I found it to be REALLY rubbish.... maybe the PSX version is vastly superior to the PC version...

I only had a keyboard to play games for PC in that time, and I remember DD2 was damn unplayable. It was just IMPOSSIBLE to make the car run in a straight line in the track, it was always "pulling" to one side... the car was damn uncontrollable, and most of time you seemed to be guided by luck, not by your skills. (And I am saying this being mastered some REAL hard racing games, like Stunt Car Race or GP2)..
the "Arena" also in DD2 was crap, most of time there was nothing you could do, just sit and wait 'til they destroy your car. in DD 1 there was lots of skill involved. DD 1 still remains to me one of the finest arcade-like racing games ever done.

Never played DD raw, but only heard bad comments about it
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