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I don't speak german.. so I used bable fish translator:

Over at new fighters to arrive proceed in such a way:
In the option screen the choice bar on exit move and the Joystick so long to the right move to the screen flashes briefly. The following enters as name in the Highscorescreen:

"CHEATER" (at the end a blank!) - remove

"VIDEO GIRL" - more fighter and 2 fights more available

"SD POWER" -? Secret Special move for all character:

Move the Joystick in a semi-circle movement from the front to the rear and presses at the same time thereafter the fire button and forward, then the fighter transforms to an expenditure for miniature. To move you do not know the mini character no more, a pressure on the fire button bring the respective Specialmove to the appearance. If one waits one while in the Credit screen, appears a secret screen, which shows the special moves of the auxiliary fighters.

The outcome is always mildly amusing
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