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Very very long thread…..
I have my Amiga’s starting back from 87’. I jumped to A2000 from (Oric, ZX,C64) then few different Amiga’s, I can’t remember the right orders anymore I was changing them as some woman’s the underwear . I am proud owner of following Amiga products today: “and some other ones (Total of 32 computers )”
A500, CDTV, 2 x A1200 One PAL and One NTSC version, A2500, 3 x A3000, A3000T and A4000
All Amiga’s are in original configuration no “Accelerators”, one A3000 and one A1200 are still as brand new .
I am desperately looking for original A3000T case, just the CASE , my one is in bad shape, abused by former owner.
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