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Cool Jurassic Park - End Of...

Hey Hey!

Been playing Jurassic Park AGA recently as I wanted to complete the last level again. The 3D levels have some of the scariest gaming moments in Amiga games history!

I remembered a cool rendered end-game sequence from when I completed it years ago and I wanted to see it again. Well I managed to complete it again late last night and it took me bloody ages. The last stage of JP is made of four massive levels which are packed with bloody raptors. Took me a few days to get to the end but I got there and I've made a save state (in the zone) if anyone wants to see the end sequence. The ending isn't quite as great as I remember it but it's still worth a look.

A few notes though. To see the sequence you'll need to move to the large circular room (check the map by pressing M) and walk to the middle to find Ellie Satler and the rest. The end sequence then loads. I used the ipf version of jurassic park AGA as the cracked version is shit so you'll probably need these disk images. I've included some screenshots as well in the zip file below. If you don't have the ipf images you can still have some fun as I left a couple of raptors somewhere in the level. They're pretty vicious though so watch out. Watch for a change in music and you'll know you're getting close to a whole world of pain. lol. Best played very loud and in the dark with the lights out.
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