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Amiga? What's that?!?
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Well, if you really like Shapeshifter, you MUST try Fusion! This one is way easier to use and has slightly better performance! Try to find some abandoned MacOS 8.1 installation CD from some friend or buy it second-hand for peanuts, and use this instead of crappy 7.x! I would also recommend to devote a whole partition of 200-300Mb on your HD for use with this emulator! Soon you will realize that it was definately worth it!
I use Fusion 3.2 with MacOS 8.1 and 1.5Gb partition on my A1200/1240@40 and it rocks Remember that you WILL need at least 16Mb of fast ram (I use 32) to have a good performance and to be able to run *serious* software!
You will have non-amiga advantages like:
Netscape 4.08
MS Internet Explorer (not much of an advantage)
Quicktime (in a reasonable performance)
Hotline & Carracho
MS Office
Adobe Photoshop etc.
Quark Express...
...and many more, and all these in an approximately real Mac 68k speed!
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