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Originally Posted by jotd
Yes, but the maximum samplerate on the amiga is 28KHz and you can hear the limitations of even excellent tunes such as Gods, or Turrican 2...

I'd like to see a good Gods intro music remix/remake. I know of one, not bad (don't remember where I got it), but the voices are terrible. IMHO a remake should keep most of the original stuff, and back it up with higher quality samples (better drums, better string chords). It makes up for the low sample quality and is faithful to the original.
I don't like remixes. In any cases I've heard remixes they lack that same impact and edge the original versions have. I don't like cover songs either, because the original is usually the best one. Like the Beatles song, "With a little help from my friends", people seem to care for the Joe Cocker version more than the original. For me it's vice versa, I love the original and really don't like the Joe Cocker version at all.
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