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Originally Posted by Fred the Duck
I am here to ask a question. or two.
How good is emulation of retro games on Linux? Are the emulators in good standing for my fave oldies?
Amiga? Speccy? MSX? Megadrive? MS Dos? NEC Turbo Duo? Atari St?

The reason I ask is simple. I know emulation is pretty fair on the Macintosh, I am saving up for a beautiful new MacBook Pro.
But I also have the latest PC hardware as well. I can build a really nice box. But I am finished with Windows. The only issue is, Windows emulation of the old game systems is far ahead of Mac. Is this the same for Linux?
Yes, what I am saying is that the only reason I keep Windows around is for emulation.
I don't want to toss this nice equiptment, nor stay with Windows. I've been reading about SUSE and Red Hat and Mandrake. Really sweet stuff. But emulation?

Great Thread !
I ask me the same thing for a long time now. But Windows has the best emus around I think.
Time will tell.
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