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I think linux is one generation behind when considering emulation aspects but for most systems there is at least one good emulator that can do most everyday emulation. Most emulators are just not as polished as the Win versions. But linux is closing in I think.

SNES emulation eg is as good as on Windows with zsnes and snes9x both being available.
PSX emulation is equally good with epsxe.
MegaDrive emulation is good with gens.
MS-Dos is good with the cvs builds of dosbox.
Atari-ST is good with steem or hatari.
Amiga is not as good as on windows as WinUAE is just too damn fine.

I can't really say something about Speccy, MSX or NEC Turbo Duo emus as I've never used them, but I can say that linux is already a fine system for emulation and is getting better everyday. I'd give it a try. Take a good, beginner friendly distribution like (k)ubuntu, Fedora, Suse or whatever and you should be fine.
Or get a live cd like knoppix to tryout linux first.

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