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Originally Posted by bippym
It wouldn';t work like that!

Large portions of the game will need to be recoded as the amiga handles the display/sprites/sound etc differently to the ST!!

It is actually a difficult job converting to the amiga from st... Main game would work okay as the ST will use the same cpu registers as the amiga etc.. but rom calls and system specific stuff will definately need recoding.
Hi Bippym,

yes, I know that - sorry for not explaining it more throughly.

The majority of the Atari ST code should be straight portable to the Amiga, but of course anything that hits the hardware registers on the ST will need to be changed for the equivalent register on the Amiga. The same goes for ROM calls (if there is an equivalent ROM call on the Amiga).

$FF8240 = Atari ST palette 0 hardware register

$dff180 = Amiga colour 0 hardware register

Possibly doing a trial run on something like a demo, or a 1 file executable (no loading etc.) conversion would be a good idea. Even if the conversion initially has no music, but it runs - then that is a success. The music can be rewritten for the Amiga hardware and added later. The Atari ST has no sprites but it does have a blitter, so the blit routines will have to be rewritten as well.

Some hardware reference info for the ST is available here, though a lot of files are now 404.

ahh lots of stuff here:

and where you can download all the games (and emulators, for easy dissassembly, setting breakpoints in code etc.)

hmm, looking on Aminet reveals a couple of Atari ST to Amiga convertors and emulators such as Hatari etc. which may be useful.

Short: Convert Atari ST exe's to Amiga exe's. V1.1
Author: David Campbell
Version: 1.1
Architecture: m68k-amigaos
Source: Fish collection

A program to convert Atari ST format relocatable executables to Amiga
format relocatable executables, for subsequent loading into the ReSource
disassembler and conversion to Amiga. ST2Amiga should also compile and run
on an ST. Includes C source.

Short: Lists Atari .ST diskimage content
Author: (Fabrizio Bartoloni)
Uploader: lanch tiscali it (Fabrizio Bartoloni)
Type: misc/emu
Version: 1.6
Replaces: misc/emu/stlist.lha
Architecture: m68k-amigaos;ppc-warpos;ppc-morphos;

Tested with STFormat diskimages and some game.
If you have source/docs for ST diskimage creation or handling mail them to me!

Changes for this release:

1.6 Now it supports more ST formats previously detected as NDOS thanks to
Stefan Haubenthal, Morphos version compiled with GCC now, set a variable
that grants compatibility with future Morphos update thanks to Antibike;

This tool makes more sense now that we have Hatari and StOnAmiga to emulate an Atari ST than
at the time it was released back in 2000.

I've provided executables for 68k, WarpOs and Morphos inside the archive.
It should compile without changes on Os4 and AROS, if you do please just tell me
before you spread it, because i'd like to keep anything in one archive.

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