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it´s just a patch to make HDs >4GB usable with FFS
Such a patch is not available.

NSD is something completly different. NSD adds commands to devices which makes them identify themseves. Using NSD commands you can ask a device whether it is trackdisk, audio, timer, serial, parallel, etc. type device.

It also adds commands to use drives bigger than 4GB, yes. But it does not magically make FFS use them. The file system has to support them, too. So you need a patch for FFS, too. AFAIK there is no such patch freely available. The only version of FFS which uses NSD is V44 which comes with OS3.5 or 3.9. And OS3.5 and 3.9 already include NSD, so you don't need to install it seprately.

There is another patch for FFS on Aminet which makes it use TD64 commands, but these are different to NSD and NSDPatch does not support them. (It adds NSD commands to TD64-cappable devices, but not vice versa.)

With NSDPatch on 3.1 and below you better use SFS.
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