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Anyways ... i nominate:

Alien Target ; A really nice "target shooter" with huge scrolling "battlefield". One of those few games i actually got legally ...ow, did i mention it's "made in poland"? .

Death Mask ; On my A600, it was like a blessing ... "Hey i'm playing doom on my Amy!!!". I've quickly aquired a "doctor's pass into Amy paradise " (commited a quick "Oh no i'm sick! You bastards!" ) and played it until finished! Yeah!

Deluxe Galaga ; The THE ultimate version of the game. Has some really cute eye-candy fast graphics, wonderful new ideas behind, and OMFG! THE GAMEPLAY!!!. Especially with a bud with the 2nd joystick. Hiscore feature RULEZ!!!

Deluxe Pacman ; Looky above...

Megaball ; Looky above for the 2nd time...

Mortal Kombat 2 ; Do i have to advertise this one? The story. The title. The title music. The in-game music. The sound. The blood. The gore. The fatalities...
Got a 1MB expansion for my A600 to enjoy more. Zillions of fights. Neverending disk-swapping on a friends A500. Few broken joysticks...

Pinball Illusions ; Not counting Slam Tilt, this is a great pinball game.

UFO: Enemy unknown ; Although a "bit" slow and buggy (mostly the save game), i really loved to play this one.

Worms ; Got an original of this one, after a few nice reviews in some mags, and was so happy i did . Ow, those bloody deathmatches with my brother! Ow those banana bombs floating here and there
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