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AmigaWriter is more of a wordprocessor than a text editor, Rasputin. Programmers use text editors to create software, so they need a different sort of beast. They need, for example, color coding of different software functions in the programming languages they use.

(Because you've already mentioned AmigaWriter, Rasputin, it might not be too far offtopic to note here that I've started a new thread to ask how to get the program running on my machine.)

I haven't written programs or even scripts for years. But there's one feature shared by vi and emacs that can be useful: You can find vi and emacs versions for probably every computer ever created. For all I know, in Japan, someone even has emacs running on an abacus.

Anyone who programs on different hardware platforms will probably benefit from learning at least the basic keyboard commands for vi and emacs.

Personally, I admire emacs a lot. It's possible to hook up .EL routines that will allow one to do ALL one's computing from within the editor. Even brew the coffee, if one's office has the right kind of coffee machine with the right kind of Ethernet connexion.

It's argued that emacs has as much feature-bloat as a Microsoft product. But it's so configurable, and so good at what it does, that it's almost a force of nature.

That said, I'll have to look at the text processors repeatedly recommended in this thread so far: CygnusEd, GoldEd, MicrogoldEd.
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