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I believe that the common problem of Amiga (and I mean the original Amiga, not Morphos or Linux Distributions) is that it's Browsers are outdated.

We need a new Browser like firefox, for 68k (040/060) running at AmigaOS 3.1 & up. It could be very nice, if this site had a questionaire like that "Do you need a new generation Browser for your Amiga ?" for votes...etc

It's time our sites to be more useful. We need more powerful internet software. I have heard that IBrowse had a new version at an Amiga show (I do not remeber which), but they haven't released it to the public yet.
I hope that the new version should run to 3.1 & up...
Amiga is not Apple. Every program has to run to every Amiga-OS with every processor.

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