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New Amiga site planned (need your suggestions)

Me and Ironclaw was thinking of making a new Amiga site.

The idea is for people who has/had an Amiga can introduce them selves and post pictures of him/her with an amiga or just a picture of their amigas.. or whatever you choose... as long as it is Amiga related .

An example could be:

PIC1, PIC2 (first pic is of me and my amiga, second pic is of all my amigas and stuff)

Then I tell a bit about myself and stuff... like why I like amiga and what I own.

Do you think this is a good idea?... and what would be a suitable name for the site and the address?

Was thinking of using or (Me and my Amiga).. Give me your suggestions for names.

I think this is a good idea because I have seen several threads with pictures of Amiga owners, amiga rooms, mass collection of amiga games etc... So, why post these pictures and stuff on different sites and in different threads when it ALL can be in one place? (our new site that is).

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