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Originally Posted by Codetapper
Are you sure those facts are correct? Parallax was never a diary of a game in Zzap 64! Sensible Software wrote it, not Special FX.
My mistake....yes, Parallax was a Sensible game. Special FX were around at the same time and also producing games (Firefly, Gutz etc.) for Ocean, but weren't quite in the same league. If Parallax wasn't a diary of a game feature in Zzap, I'll bet they discussed the game in a Zzap interview. Fancy a wager on that one?! I know I read something on this other than some news excerpt in Zzap. My memory's fading on some of these things, but I'm not at the stage yet of having fake repressed memories!

My memory isn't 100% on this game but from what I remember the parallax effect was a hack anyway - it simply cycled through about 4 or 8 positions per tile. There was no "real" parallax where parts of the background could be seen through foreground - it was just a set of tiles that were redrawn every frame.
You're probably not far off the mark. With the way the mags hyped up this aspect of Parallax, I was quite disappointed when I actually saw the game. Probably best described as pseudo-parallax scrolling and noticeably different (read: inferior) to what was seen in Hawkeye, Wrath of the Demon and SOTB.
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