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Possible Catweasel MK4 diskwrite fix!

Ok guys I dont know if this has any bearing on the disk writing problems some folk seem to get with this flaming card but I ran into a problem last night!
Back around late 1999 I transfered all my important amiga app's and drivers over to adf's and for some reason I named some of the files in upper-case so they looked like this "DATAFLYER.ADF"

I needed to get this particular adf written back to an amiga disk but everytime I tried the diskwiter tool kept kicking off and would fail or would write but the disk was blank! So fishing for possible causes I renamed the file in lower-case and tried again and it worked perfectly!

Im wondering if this tool has a problem with files named *.ADF when they should be *.adf... It might be nothing but anyone with a catweasel should give it a shot and if it turns out to be nothing then so be it! But it might just solve some problems
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