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Originally Posted by Methanoid
Only phone I have seen that is well set for playing games (not just capable but feels OK to do so) is Ngage QD... what CPU was that? It was crap as a phone I guess but fine for games....
it has the same 104mhz arm cpu like the 6600/3650/7650/3660/6620/7610/3230 and it runs SymbianOS 6.1 ... frankly it's the NOKIA s60 platform, just added a 8way joypad and about 1,5MB more ram than all the others. many of it's games play perfeclty on other phones, (need cracking though to bypass machine detection) and some run with bad colors (ngage/3660/7650-4096 colors, all others 64k+ colors)
as for the phone functionality it's the standar nokia s60 one, so it is very very very good... if you choose to ignore it's shape that is
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