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Originally Posted by DrBong
Forbidden Forest was certainly the game on the C64 that first made me aware of parallax scrolling IIRC. Seemed to be always mentioned in the C64 mags whenever Forbidden Forest was talked about. I think it was made trendy (well on the C64 anyway) when Parallax became the subject of one of the "Diary of a Game" features in Zzap!64. I think Special FX went into some detail about how it was done or some such. Never thought much of the game, though, despite all the rave reviews it got!
Are you sure those facts are correct? Parallax was never a diary of a game in Zzap 64! Sensible Software wrote it, not Special FX.

My memory isn't 100% on this game but from what I remember the parallax effect was a hack anyway - it simply cycled through about 4 or 8 positions per tile. There was no "real" parallax where parts of the background could be seen through foreground - it was just a set of tiles that were redrawn every frame.

For real parallax effects you can view all the dual playfield mode games like Menace, Forgotten Worlds, Shadow of the Beast, Soccer Kid etc. You can clearly see the background layer through gaps in the front layer.

Most of the games that claim stuff like "20 layers of parallax" are just scrolling a tiny strip of grass at the bottom of the screen at different speeds which is very easy to do if nothing is ever drawn over the top of them. Games like Elfmania draw over the top of the parallax part which is a much more impressive effect to achieve on the Amiga.
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