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Hi people,

i was quite amazed to see a post talking about our company ^^ . We are a bunch of Amiga/Atari lovers and old amiga/atari coders/graphist/musician.

To make a little precision these games are not java at all but Symbian, that means written in C++ directly accessing the hardware much more powerful than the J2ME, all our ports are working like originals and sometime better !(take a look at Another World). We are able to do lot of stuff thats' its not possible in J2ME like playing mod, sfx, packing/unpacking, use some ASM. Theses games are going to be available on Smartphones and pocketpc very soon too.

We have recently signed Indigo with st├ęphane, I really think its going to be great on mobile ! More games are going to follow quite soon

Amiga for life ( and Atari as well but less :-) )

PS : Magic Puz is a homemade game as Invasion.
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