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Amiblitz ML in english ???


The actual blitz Mailing List is out of order untill no ideas...

The author of amiblitz is allright to create an english amiblitz Mailing List on Yahoogroups but he know just a few no german amiblitz programmers.

If you are no-german amiblitz programmer and want to have an english ML for amiblitz, please contact the author of amiblitz. the email of the author of amiblitz is on the amiblitz 2.42 package on aminet/amirepot (all amiblitz programmers allready use this package).

there is a good german link for amiblitz (german forum for amiblitz in the site for example):

you can found lots of informations about amiblitz on the subpage: (old english ML, actual german ML,....)

you can have also lots of example of amiblitz good program on the site: (take a look on all the goog programs of this site IMHO)
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